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Vertical AC Charging Spot


Configure AC intelligent electric meter which can measure the AC charging and upload the measurement information to charge pile intelligent controller and power collection terminal by RS485.

Having the functions that include comprehensive measurement, control and protection of the charging pile’s operating status , such as operation state monitoring ,fault condition monitoring ,charge metering and charging ,linkage control of charging procedure and so on.

Configure OLED screen and key man-machine operation interface, charge billing set up four charging modes according to the quantity of electricity ,amount of money ,time and automation,and display the charge mode ,time ,the quantity of electricity and billing information in real time during process of charging.

Configuring the RF reader, IC card payment support.

It has the perfect communication capabilities to support RS485/RS232 /Ethernet/NFC/GPRS.

Perfect protection function

Integrated DC Charging Spot


Configure AC smart meter which can communicate charge metering and update metering information respectively

to charge pile intelligent controller and power collection terminal via RS485.

Having the ability of comprehensive measurement ,control and protection of the charging pile running state, such

as running state monitoring, malfunction state monitoring, charging measurement and billing, and the linkage control

of charging process etc.

Configuring human-machine operation interface with OLED screen and keypad.Charging billing set up 4 kinds of charging modes according to the

power, the amount, time and automation . Displaying charging mode time battery and charging information in real time while charging.

Configuring the RF reader, supporting IC card payment method.

Having perfect ability of communication , supporting RS485 ,RS232, Ethernet , NFC and GPRS.

Perfect protection function

Wall AC Charging Spot

  Easy operation.

Small size.

IP high degree of protection.

Meet the national standard charging interface;safe and reliable.

On-Board Charger

 Using the latest active PFC + LLC resonant soft-switching topology

 High efficiency, good reliability, natural cooling, sealed waterproof, 

long life, meet the safety requirements of IEC61851.

Lead-acid batteries and manage integrated battery charging mode,switch

easily, lead-acid batteries can be temperature compensated.

Discrete DC Charging Spot

 Multiple Charging power supply module and monitor multiple parallel 

operation. Flexible configuration, simple control mode, can meet a variety 

of charging mode, and supports dual-port polling output charge.

 Adopting intelligent charging high-frequency switching power supply modules

 in parallel form, which apply to conducting vehicle DC fast charging for electric

 vehicles in the process of electric charging.

 Having the ability of comprehensive measurement ,control and 

protection of the charging pile running state, such as running state 

monitoring,malfunction state monitoring, charging  measurement

 and billing, and the linkage control of charging process etc.

 Configuring the RF reader, supporting IC card payment method.

 The system comes with monitoring, can be operated directly, easy to operate.

 Having perfect ability of communication , supporting RS485 ,RS232, Ethernet , 


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